Stunning Hand Carved Tiki Bone Pendant Necklace


Stunning Hand Carved Tiki Bone Pendant Necklace

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In Māori mythology, Tiki is the first man created by either Tūmatauenga or Tāne. He found the first woman, Marikoriko, in a pond; she seduced him and he became the father of Hine-kau-ataata.

By extension, a tiki is a large or small wooden or stone carving in humanoid form, although this is a somewhat archaic usage in the Māori language.

Carvings similar to tikis and coming to represent deified ancestors are found in most Polynesian cultures.

They often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites.

A Tiki is believed to symbolise fertility, and is often worn by women as a fertilising symbol.

Its form is believed to represent a human embryo, often carved with the hands placed on the loins in what is believed to be a direct reference to fertility.

It also thought that the person wearing this symbol possess clarity of thought, loyalty, great inner knowledge and a strength of character.

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Item Type: Pendant Necklace
Style: Trendy / Fashion
Main Colour: Bone
Chain Type: Woven Cotton
Length: 200mm-400mm adjustable (rough measurement)
Approx Pendant Size:35mm X 20mm
Shapepattern: Hei-Matau

Note each piece is hand carved so it is unique

Perfect for any occasion including Christmas, Valentine’s day present or as a Mothers Day gift / birthday / Christmas gift

Each Pendant Necklace comes carefully packaged ready for gifting, and is shipped directly from Christchurch to your address by a courier.

(note packaging colour is selected and sent at random)

Very limited stock available so secure your necklace now!

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