Silvertone Mini Vernier Caliper Scale Model Keychain – measure up to 45mm


Silvertone Mini Vernier Caliper Scale Model Keychain – measure up to 45mm

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A caliper (British spelling also calliper, or in plurale tantum sense a pair of calipers) is a device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. A caliper can be as simple as a compass with inward or outward-facing points. The tips of the caliper are adjusted to fit across the points to be measured, the caliper is then removed and the distance read by measuring between the tips with a measuring tool, such as a ruler.

The vernier calipers give a direct reading of the distance measured with high accuracy and precision. These calipers comprise a calibrated scale with a fixed jaw, and another jaw, with a pointer, that slides along the scale. The distance between the jaws is then read in different ways for the three types.

I am currently overstocked with these practical Silvertone Mini Caliper Scale Model Keychains and I need to move some stock.

For a limited time, you grab a Keychains for a fraction of the RRP.

Show your loved just how much you care, or go ahead and spoil yourself – for this price you just cant lose.


Item Type: Keychain
Size: 50mm x 20mm
Note: Measurements are in mm units – this lets you measure up to 45mm (4.5cm)
Style: Building / builders tools / engineer tools / handyman
Main Colour: Silver
Metal: Zinc Alloy
Shapepattern: Vernier caliper

Perfect for any occasion including Valentines day present or as a Fathers Day gift / birthday / Christmas gift

Each keychain comes carefully packaged and is shipped directly from Christchurch to your address by courier.

Very limited stock available so secure your keychain now!

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